How LinkedIn Showcase Pages Can Increase Advocacy
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How LinkedIn Showcase Pages Can Increase Advocacy

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are niche pages associated with a company page that highlight particular services or products with a unique voice. Showcase Pages are not temporary landing pages for specific events, but rather long-standing pages that aim at building relationships with a specific audience.

With 63% of marketers rating LinkedIn as the most effective B2B social media platform, Showcase Pages can be a fresh feature of any company’s social strategy. By segmenting and targeting audiences using Showcase Pages, B2B marketers can become more successful at reaching the right audiences and encourage increased employee advocacy.

To increase your engagement and conversion rates with Showcase Pages, segment your audience. Segmentation is believed to be the most valuable method for improving conversion rates by 96% of B2B marketers. If you segment your audience by service, product or different buyer type and create separate Showcase Pages for each group, you can message them much more efficiently. But plan carefully as you can only create 10 Showcase pages.Anatomy_of_Showcase_Page

Segmentation also allows you to communicate using targeted content to the appropriate people. The pages may even present a new way of thinking to help the 33% of B2B marketers who cite “targeted delivery of content” as their biggest challenge.

Content doesn’t always need to be targeted as long as it’s thought-provoking. Interesting content is one of the top three reasons people follow a brand on social media. By allowing individuals to follow a certain product or service, you’re delivering only relevant content, creating stronger interest and higher engagement. You’re showing them only what they want to see in order to create new followers and loyalty that you may have missed.

Your analytics and understanding of each buyer group will improve the more you interact with them through LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Within each page, you can analyze what content is performing strongest. From there, you can tailor your calls-to-action on each page and view conversion rates.

Showcase Pages can also increase employee advocacy rates. Leads developed through employee social marketing convert seven times more frequently than other leads. Your employee advocates keep participation high by following the specific Showcase Pages they are interested in. Giving specific topics and conversations provides employees with opportunities to promote social content, relevant to their followers and interests without having to sort through content on the main account. This will also save time spent on social marketing activities and increase visibility of your content.

Using LinkedIn to generate leads is found to be effective by 93% of marketers. By utilizing Showcase Pages, you are able to segment your audiences, allowing each page to have a tailored voice and content relevant to that target. You can showcase your specific services or products and analyze the results to find out if your conversion and engagement rates are increasing. Most importantly, your employees will find advocacy more in tune with their roles, responsibilities and interests.

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