What is Good Engagement Rate?
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What is Good Engagement Rate?

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Episode Summary

When you have to justify what you are doing, most likely it means you are showing up to meetings with data that isn’t impressive.

Within the first few minutes of this episode, Matt Bailey, President of SiteLogic, will have you hooked as he cautions marketers to beware of trends and be confident when it comes to working with data.

But what data should social media marketers be looking at to prove their worth and make an impact on the organization?

After sending his condolences to all former Vine and Google+ specialists, who became specialists in a trend, Matt then challenges marketers to focus more on becoming marketing generalists, and hone their skills of media literacy. In Matt’s opinion, media literacy means taking what you need from articles, blogs, and websites and applying it to your marketing strategy instead of being swayed by what is sensational right now.

He goes on to explain the 4 skill sets that every marketer should master:

  1. Media literacy
  2. Writing well
  3. Presenting and communicating flawlessly
  4. Working well with data

Speaking of data, Matt also goes on to reveal why every marketer should be able to:

  • Confidently analyze tables
  • Ask questions about the data that focus on company objectives
  • Learn how to work confidently with data
  • Turn it into actions

As a marketer, where most were hired to be creative, it’s the ability to interpret data that is what is going to keep you locked in your job.

By the end of the show, you will be rethinking how you approach marketing and will have a clear definition of what an insight is, and what it most certainly is not.

Matt even shares what his magic formula is to turn social activity into dollars for the business, and hint: it’s not by looking at engagement rate.

Hot Topics of this episode include:

  • Why every marketer needs to be a generalist, stay clear of trends, and practice both digital and media literacy
  • How to define a social media insight and come to meetings with data that matters to the business
  • Why looking at social media engagement rate is actually a disservice to proving your value as a social media manager

Meet Matt

Matt Bailey is a 15-year internet marketing veteran, author and entrepreneur. He is currently serving as President of SitelLogic Marketing Consultants. Matt has a passion to produce confident and profitable marketers, who in turn, create profitable companies.

Since 1998, Matt has presented at thousands of companies, conferences and workshops. He is one of the highest-rated presenters world-wide for his ability to communicate complex information in a practical, humorous way.

He has authored:

  • Internet Marketing an Hour a Day (Wiley/Sybex) 2011
  • Wired to be Wowed, 2014
  • Teach New Dogs Old Tricks, 2017


Matt was an early internet entrepreneur, creating an online real-state business in 1997. He sold that business and then moved into the world of enterprise software sales, with international accounts.

In 2002, he went back to his roots to work with web development agencies that were developing marketing departments to respond to the need for SEO. Eventually, he started his own marketing company, SiteLogic in 2006. During this time, requests for his training increased, as he traveled around the world for training and conference engagements.

In 2015, Matt sold his agency business and changed SiteLogic to a training and education company.

Since that time, he has logged more than 500,000 miles training companies around the world.

When he is not training, Matt resides in a quiet rural area of Ohio with his wife of 20+ years and four daughters. He is a beekeeper and enjoys reading with a good cup of coffee.

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