The Best Way to Generate Quality Leads from Facebook

The Best Way to Generate Quality Leads from Facebook

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Episode Summary

There’s a lot of economic uncertainty right now, and generating revenue as cost-effectively as possible is certainly top-of-mind for many B2B marketing leaders.

Our next guest, Melinda Cormier, Vice President of Marketing at LumApps is no different.

Revealing why pipeline is keeping her up at night professionally, Melinda uncovers exactly what and how she is maintaining a healthy pipeline-to-spend ratio while keeping her pipeline filled with quality leads. She even discloses her “no fluff metric” mantra.

It’s no surprise that Melinda relies on LinkedIn to reach her target audience, understand their career path, and generate pipeline. However, what may be most impressive is how she diversifies her social media strategy to successfully include Facebook to gain qualified leads.

According to Melinda, the 3 best reasons to use Facebook in your social strategy include:

  • Market-Share: your competitors are not usually advertising as strongly there
  • Affordability: Facebook is more affordable than LinkedIn and gives you the ability to have very granular targeting
  • Ad targeting: your target audience is active on Facebook and when ads pop-up, you can go beyond random tech ads and lead to content such as checklists and guides, giving your audience more meaningful and quality content

Good marketing requires a diversified model to succeed, and for many, when it comes to social media, marketers are simply not “diversifying enough.” This episode will change the way you think about pipeline, and how to flawlessly handle the ever-changing demands of B2B marketing.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • Pipeline-to-spend ratio and how to rely on data to meet the ever-changing demands of demand generation
  • The power of understanding your ICP’s career plan and how to use it to bolster your pipeline
  • Why B2B marketers shouldn’t forget Facebook despite LinkedIn being the holy grail for all things B2B

Meet Melinda

Melinda Cormier is the Vice President of LumApps, a leading employee experience platform unifying the modern workforce through better communication, engagement, and instant access to information.

As a data-driven marketer with a passion for helping organizations thrive, Melinda enjoys creating innovative marketing campaigns, programs, and processes that positively impact brand awareness, lead generation, and pipeline.

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