More Improvements to the New Calendar

More Improvements to the New Calendar

We’ve listened to your feedback and updated our new Calendar! Most of the changes are minor UI improvements that are based on some of the most common points of feedback from our customers. And we hope they will make your social publishing experience better.

Let’s get into the meat of these updates.

New colors

We’ve made the Calendar more colorful to help you differentiate your social campaigns at a glance. In addition to a bright-colored strip on each post, we added a colored background in the monthly and weekly views.

Now you can also change a campaign color without leaving the Calendar – just click on the color dot by the title inside the Campaign Calendar page.

The post-status icons have been given some updates as well. Now they are gray – not to distract you from the campaign color coding. Once you pause a campaign, its background will also become gray to better indicate its status.

More visibility into your schedule

For the extended monthly view, we’ve increased the default number of posts displayed per cell up to five, and up to 10 when you click ‘More’. In the compact view – when clicking on ‘More’ – you will see up to 20 posts, without jumping to the daily view.

Create new posts directly from a specific day

We’ve added one more way to create a new post inside the Calendar – by clicking on the + icon, which you can see when rolling over day cells in the monthly view. A new post will be automatically set for the date you clicked on.

Bulk actions

In the daily view, we’ve updated bulk actions. Now they will pop up on the top of the message list once you click on ‘Select all’ or manually pick individual posts. Now you can also quickly duplicate a post or revert it to a draft in this view.

PDF exports

The last thing we’ve included in this update by popular demand is PDF calendar exports (in addition to the CSV option). Enjoy!

Mobile updates

Finally, if you use Oktopost’s mobile app for on-the-go social publishing, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve updated the mobile Calendar as well. Now you can easily toggle between the daily, monthly, and ‘today’ view as well as perform bulk actions inside the daily view.

That’s all for today. As always, feel free to let us know what you think.

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