Natalie Lambert on Why Measuring TOFU Content is Painful
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Natalie Lambert on Why Measuring TOFU Content is Painful

Natalie Lambert, Global Director of Storytelling for Google Cloud at Google, takes the hot seat today.

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Meet Natalie Lambert

Natalie is on the Google marketing leadership team responsible for messaging, customer intelligence, social media, and content strategy for Google Cloud. Prior to that, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at Instart, an enterprise security company acquired by Akamai.

Before joining Instart, Natalie served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Sapho, an enterprise productivity company acquired by CItrix. Previously, she spent seven years at Citrix where she held multiple product marketing leadership positions, including having responsibility for the company’s multi-product solutions, thought leadership efforts, and positioning of Citrix as a leader in digital workplace technologies.

Natalie began her career at Forrester Research where she was a principal analyst covering end user computing. In that role, she advised clients on technology investments and best practices surrounding the enterprise computing environment. Natalie has been widely quoted in the press, including outlets such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and has written for Wired, Forbes and

Episode Summary

Understanding the impact of all the various things B2B marketers do is hard to quantify. Today’s marketing leaders do not have the ability to say that a specific tweet or single podcast has led to a true sales lead.

Natalie Lambert, Global Director of Storytelling for Google Cloud at Google dives head first into the challenges of measurement, especially with top of funnel content going down the funnel, understanding the peaks and valleys of success and ways to quantify activity that leaders may not even know if or how it participated in a customer’s purchasing decision.

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