How to Nurture Leads via Social Media

on December 26, 2015

How to Nurture Leads via Social Media

When B2B marketers think of social media, most almost immediately think “lead generation”. They aren’t wrong either. Of the companies that spend at least 6 hours a week on social, 66% of them have seen lead generation benefits.

Unfortunately, after the leads have been generated on social media, they then abandon social in favor of other lead nurturing channels. Instead of using social media solely for lead generation, you will see higher results when you use it at every stage of in the relationship building process (a.k.a. The marketing funnel).

Here are some specific ways social media can boost your lead nurturing efforts.:

You work hard to build relationships on social media. After all of that hard work, it makes sense to take advantage of those relationships as much as possible. By nurturing your leads through social media channels, you add an extra layer to every customer relationship that results in a much deeper and valuable connection.

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