Boost employee advocacy adoption with Oktopost’s Social Advocacy App on Slack
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Boost employee advocacy adoption with Oktopost’s Social Advocacy App on Slack

Employee advocacy is the key to getting your employees to share smart, quality content across their social networks and amplify your brand message in their unique voice. However, with so many employees busy managing their day-to-day work, it can take time to figure out how to get employees to share brand content consistently.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Social Advocacy App on Slack to help marketers prioritize social selling, employee advocacy, and employee engagement through internal communication channels.

What is Oktopost Social Advocacy App?

In 2024, we understand the power of employee advocacy and how it can give your marketing strategies a much-needed power boost. But to unlock this potential, your employees need to be sharing a steady stream of social content, regularly. There are quite a few methods to drive participation and boost engagement levels, but the most effective strategy by far is to deliver content where your employees are already engaged.

Empower employees to share advocacy content consistently directly from Slack.

With our new Slack integration, advocates can stay up-to-date with their board activities in a way that is most comfortable and convenient for them. Moreover, the Social Advocacy App on Slack helps you elevate the visibility of your brand content both internally and externally. Here’s how it transforms your employee advocacy efforts into a seamless experience for your organization.

How does Oktopost Social Advocacy App work?

Oktopost’s Slack Social Advocacy integration provides your advocates with a direct Slack message each time a new Story is added to their advocacy board. Advocates will receive a direct Slack message, along with the story details and a way to share it based on the relevant topics they follow.

Our direct integration with Slack is not only able to provide advocates with new Stories on their Advocacy Boards but also enables advocates to access and share the content in a timely manner with their social networks, as long as they have their advocacy notifications enabled.

There are a few key benefits this integration can bring to your B2B organization:

For marketing leaders: Enhance internal communication to increase productivity and performance, reduce tech fatigue, and build a better workplace.

For advocacy program admin: Increase program adoption and provide quick access to company news, updates, and announcements for the entire organization through the Oktopost Slack App.

For advocates: Stay updated whenever a new and relevant Story is available by receiving Slack notifications as soon as content is published to the board.

By integrating directly with Slack, Oktopost helps you to build a stronger, more active community of advocates.

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To enable Oktopost Advocacy App for Slack, please download the app and install it following these quick steps.

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