Unlock the Power of Data Insights with Oktopost’s New Homepage
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Unlock the Power of Data Insights with Oktopost’s New Homepage

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by all the data coming from social media, Oktopost’s latest update is about to change everything. Introducing our new and improved Oktopost Homepage – A fully customizable dashboard empowering data-driven teams to measure the impact of social immediately upon logging into Oktopost. 

Filled with the social metrics that matter most to your organization, the new Homepage experience consolidates all your reporting in one spot, ensuring a continuous pulse-check on your social media initiatives. Whether you opt for one of Oktopost’s out-of-the-box Recommended Dashboards or create a custom Dashboard of our own as your homepage, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to discover how you can tailor your Oktopost Homepage to your unique needs and preferences.

Explore Our Recommended Dashboards

Don’t know where to start when it comes to measuring the impact of social on your organization? No problem! We’ve curated a collection of Recommended Dashboards—pre-created, finely tuned, and ready to go. 

These dashboards are designed to provide immediate value, offering insightful visualizations of data without the need for customization. Best of all, these dashboards ensure that even users unfamiliar with dashboard creation can effortlessly access data and build meaningful insights.

Your Default Dashboard, Your Way

Our featured Engagement dashboard takes center stage as the Default home page, delivering a comprehensive overview of your key metrics on social media. However, at Oktopost, we know no two social strategies are the same so we’ve created the ability for you to set any dashboard as your Default, ensuring that the first thing you see when you log into Oktopost aligns perfectly with your priorities and focus areas.

Effortless Dashboard Sharing

Sharing insights has never been easier. Our intuitive interface makes dashboard sharing a breeze. Whether collaborating with team members or presenting to stakeholders, easily share your dashboards with your colleagues and facilitate a more collaborative data-driven decision-making process.

Ready to transform the way you interact with data? 

Just like navigating the complex world of B2B social media measurement, we’ve made customizing your homepage a breeze. The Oktopost Homepage is already available in your account. Have a question or want to share your feedback? Send us a message!

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