The People Database: Turn Your Social Audience into Leads
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The People Database: Turn Your Social Audience into Leads

Did you know that social media has a significant impact on your lead generation?

Untapped potential buyers are hanging out on social where you can reach, engage, and, eventually, convert them. But this channel inherently lacks reliable tools to measure the business value it can provide. Audience and engagement data is siloed between networks and disconnected from your marketing stack.

That’s exactly why we built Oktopost – to help marketers determine what social content drives pipeline growth and turn their social audience into leads.

Oktopost is already allowing B2B marketers to seamlessly integrate social engagement data with marketing automation, CRM and BI platforms, so they can leverage it for more effective lead nurturing, scoring and attribution.

But we never intended to stop there.

Today, we are giving you the People Database, our newest feature that takes social demand generation to the next level. We make it measurable.

What is the People Database?

As part of the Oktopost social media management and advocacy platform, the People Database captures all people that engage with your brand on social, either through corporate social channels or employee advocates’ feeds.

The People Database is a unique tool that allows you to generate net new leads from social media, add them to your marketing database, and track their social behavior.

Furthermore, the People Database can also automatically match and sync social engagement data with your existing leads, so you can build more effective communication strategies and personalize a buyer’s journey based on how they engage with your social content.

people database leads

Why Do You Need It?

For (Even Better) Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Oktopost is helping hundreds of companies unlock and use their leads’ social data to enhance marketing programs and accelerate sales-qualified leads. With the People Database, you can view and analyze how your existing leads interact with your social content.

For Social Demand Gen

The People Database allows you to identify people who actively engage with your social content but are unknown to you. You can add these leads to your marketing databases, from within Oktopost, and keep track of their social engagements.

For an Improved Customer Experience

The People Database doesn’t only consist of existing and potential leads but also your customers. By tracking their social interactions with your brand, you can build a meaningful conversation that will help retain and expand your relationships.

Inside the People Database

To streamline the management of the People Database, we separated all your lead records into four tabs: New, Synced, Saved and Ignored.

New Leads

The New tab is where you discover people who recently engaged with your content, their contact information (email, phone number, company, location, etc.) and social activities. You can Sync, Save or Ignore each lead.

social engagments

Some records might have more information than others: the more a person engages with your content, the more data Oktopost will have.

Synced Leads

Once you connect Oktopost with your marketing automation or CRM platform, we will try to match social records with your lead database using their contact information. And then we will assign a probability score to every match.

Whenever Oktopost matches leads with a 100% probability score (you can change this threshold), their social engagement data will be automatically synced with connected marketing databases. If Oktopost captures only a partial match, you will have to review and approve it before we can start syncing.

lead window

Saved Leads

Sometimes Oktopost isn’t able to match social engagements with any of your existing leads. This could mean that we need more data to find a match: the platform will keep tracking social activities and append historical data to the lead after it matches.

But more often, no-match indicates that Oktopost captured completely new leads that don’t exist in your database. You can evaluate how valuable new leads are and manually add them to your marketing software, right from within Oktopost.

Either way, we suggest saving these leads, so you can easily access and check new social activities at any time.

Ignored Leads

When you come across a record that isn’t relevant or qualified, you can choose not to track it by adding to the Ignore list. If you ignore a synced lead, Oktopost will stop syncing its social activities.

Target Accounts

Today, more and more B2B companies choose to concentrate their resources on account-based marketing versus narrowing down a wide prospective market into a smaller subset of leads.

The Target Accounts functionality inside the People Database will help our customers identify the right people and measure their engagement. To start tracking specific accounts, you will need to add the companies’ domain names in Settings. Oktopost will star everyone who works in these companies within the People Database and will send you notifications about their activities, so you won’t miss a single opportunity.


To give you a bird’s-eye view of leads’ social engagements, we also added new dashboards to Analytics. Inside the Activities tab, you can assess how many people engage with your brand, how many of them you already know and what is the potential value of your social presence.

social media analytics

How We Handle Your Data

Finally, let’s talk about data protection.

Here at Oktopost, we treat this topic very seriously. For the People Database, we only use basic PII that is either publicly available or obtained and processed by Oktopost on the basis of legitimate interest, according to each social network’s API terms and conditions.

The People Database is an optional feature: if you turn it off, we won’t collect or process any PII. We collect this data only for the purpose of providing the service and don’t share data between accounts. Oktopost stores lead activities and inactive leads for two years, but you can change these settings to suit your data retention policy.

For more information, please visit the Security and Data Protection page.

Get Started with the People Database

After months of work, we are happy to announce that the People Database has entered the public beta phase. We encourage both long-time and new customers to try it out and share your feedback with us.

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