Has Marketing Lost the Ability to Tell a Great Story?
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Has Marketing Lost the Ability to Tell a Great Story?

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Episode Summary

Has marketing lost the ability to tell a great story?

According to Peter Bell, Senior Director UKI Enterprise & EMEA Commercial Marketing at Adobe, it has.

Marketing may have lost the discipline of focusing on their narrative: something that has anchored the brand in people’s hearts and minds and has kept it there.

In this episode of Radically Transparent, Peter and Jen take a look back at some of the greatest marketing stories of all time and talk through what made these specific campaigns stand out.

Together, they tackle the thorny issue of why brands today are no longer in control of the stories they tell and how to break through the noise to get the important messages across. Peter also reveals why it’s imperative for brands today to have a narrative arc to carry their story – regardless of how many channels and platforms marketing is spread across.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • What has contributed to the loss of marketing’s ability to tell a great story and how to turn it around
  • Why marketers are no longer in control of the message, and how to keep it from preventing the narrative
  • With marketing spread across so many channels and platforms, how to concentrate on telling a story on your own terms – in less than 10 words

Meet Peter

Peter Bell is currently serving as Senior Director of UKI Enterprise Marketing and EMEA Commercial Marketing of Adobe. He’s an experienced marketing executive with a deep knowledge of the software industry and online media with extensive experience in growing product lines and businesses from early stage to global success.

Peter’s unique value stems from his ability to work across the boundaries of sales, marketing, and software development teams, going into detail with each of them individually but bringing them together collectively.

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