Should We Be Posting During The Pandemic?

Should We Be Posting During The Pandemic?

The short answer is, yes! During these pressing times, it’s no secret that events taking place around the globe are impacting you and your followers. As the world adapts to a new normal, so must your social media marketing strategy.

But in the face of change, sometimes it can be easy to divert from the main goals of B2B marketing. Posting blindly as events unfold in hopes of achieving massive amounts of new business will not suffice. This tactic would be like running a marathon without the proper training and expecting perfection.

Assuming many B2B marketers will be entering home isolation, it is recommended to use this time to re-define marketing messages and align them with business goals.

Moving Forward

One of the major advantages of the social media marketing profession, besides not requiring any face-to-face interaction, is that it is measurable.

This means that while marketing strategies are adjusting to fit with new business initiatives, the ability for marketers to easily track actionable metrics (ROI) and establish the true impact of social media during the crisis is not changing at all.

In fact, social media is more important now than ever.

Algorithms typically promote content that garners the most engagement, posts that draw the most attention and get spread the farthest. Employee advocacy programs can be used to unite employees working from home. This will work to our benefit as we look to minimize any further impact on the business.

We must remember that our followers are real people consuming the content we distribute across our social channels.

We have a responsibility to handle this content with great care and it is our duty to continue posting thoughtful content. At the end of day, business is still moving forward and we are followed because we are trusted. What’s that old saying?

“It takes years to build up trust and only seconds to destroy it, but forever to repair it. And the reality is, it may never be the same again.”

Ultimately, as the world unites to tackle the crisis together, there is no need to pull back from posting across social media. In fact, it’s OK to Post (with Oktopost)!

If you are feeling stuck on where to begin or need some pointers mapping out your strategy across social media, feel free to contact us!

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