Rethinking B2B Social Media: 3 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

on April 11, 2017

Rethinking B2B Social Media: 3 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

B2B marketers can sometimes get lost on social media. Understanding which social channels to focus on, which messaging drives engagement, or how to use social media to convert more leads are all common challenges facing today’s marketeers.

For those of you who are experiencing similar set-backs, this episode of Act-On’s Rethink Podcast is worth listening to. In it, Act-On CMO Michelle Huff is joined by Daniel Kushner, co-founder and CEO of Oktopost, who drills down to the core of B2B social media.

After listening to the episode I thought I’d summarize the most valuable takeaways. So here are the three things you’re probably doing wrong on social media and how you can improve your processes to generate more leads.

1. You’re not posting enough content

In the podcast, Daniel highlighted that most B2B marketers are approaching social media with a B2C perspective. As a result, they don’t post enough. If you look at a B2C company’s Twitter like Nike, you will notice that they post a single tweet every few days. That single tweet is usually very visual and gains a lot of traction. On the B2B side, you have a much different landscape.

B2B companies produce hundreds if not thousands more content pieces including testimonials, webinars, podcasts, blog posts, etc. For this reason, B2B marketers should increase the amount of social content they are pushing out. So sending out one or two tweets about your new blog post is not enough. In fact, for every piece of content that you create, you should aim to post at least 10 to 20 different social messages and schedule these out multiple times.

2. You’re not measuring social media correctly

Social media like every other marketing channel needs to be measured. Daniel mentioned that many B2B marketers are caught up with surface-level metrics such as likes, shares, retweets, followers, and comments. The problem is that there’s no correlation between likes, shares, and retweets to real business value. Do these metrics help you understand how many leads you are generating? How social media is helping you push leads down the funnel?

What you need to measure on social media is the meat of B2B marketing – leads, MQLs, and SQLs. At the end of the day, you want to understand the real business opportunities that you are gaining from social media and how many of those opportunities are being closed.

3. You’re not integrating your social data

Another interesting point that Daniel made in the podcast is that B2B marketers often keep their social data siloed, which prevents them from gaining a complete picture of their marketing ecosystem. Oktopost allows you to add this new dimension of social data to your marketing automation (e.g. Act-On, Marketo, Eloqua). Through this, you as a marketer can understand a lot more about your leads – what they like, the content they’re interested in, and the networks that triggered them. Using this additional layer of information, you can enhance the way you nurture and score leads within marketing automation.

Final Words

Many B2B marketers consider social media as just a ‘top of the funnel’ tactic. But, once you’ve captured the traffic and generated engagement, you can look at how these touch points converted into leads. With a robust B2B social media management platform you can track full-funnel metrics – from impressions, to engagement, and all the way down to conversions. For more information on how to get things right on social media, tune in to the full interview with Daniel Kushner on the latest Rethink Podcast episode by Act-On.

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