Social Intent Data – The Secret Gem for Your Sales and Marketing Teams
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Social Intent Data – The Secret Gem for Your Sales and Marketing Teams

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Joanna Braunold goes Behind the Post to share how social intent data helps both the sales and marketing departments at TytoCare achieve their goals.

Tune in for a conversation about why sales and marketing teams need to be best friends, the structure in place to keep the teams on the same page at TytoCare, and how social media marketing brings the two departments together. Yes – you read that right.

Joanna dives into the marketing initiatives set to equip their sales teams with the tools they need to engage with more leads and turn prospects into customers. She explains how she implemented these strategies, from getting their sales teams actively involved in social selling to understanding how they can use social intent data to strike up relevant, meaningful conversations with prospects.

Beyond empowering her sales team, Joanna shares how social intent data helps her create marketing content that resonates with their audience. With a B2C presence on social media as well as B2B, they discovered that many of their B2B leads were interacting with their B2C accounts. Learning from this, Joanna experimented with posting B2C content on their B2B channels, and the results did not disappoint!

Hot Topics:

  • The importance of aligning marketing and sales teams, and how they do it at TytoCare
  • Using social intent data to create content that aligns with audience interests
  • How to pass along social intent data to the sales team, and how sales use it to boost their closed-won rates

Meet Joanna

With over a decade of experience in marketing, Joanna describes herself as a marketing innovator, with experience working at both startups and large global companies. Almost three years ago, she found herself in her current role as the Director of Content Marketing and Communications at TytoCare.

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