Social Media Attribution with Oktopost & Bizible
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Social Media Attribution with Oktopost & Bizible

No longer can we ignore the fact that social media plays a critical role in the B2B buyer’s journey.

For some of your leads, social is the channel that drove and influenced the opportunity, for many others – a place to research and evaluate your offerings way before starting a conversation with a salesperson.

In any case, being able to trace your leads back to the source and correctly attribute them to social is paramount to understanding the real revenue brought by this marketing channel and, ultimately, proving your social media ROI.

Many of our customers use Bizible as their marketing attribution and revenue planning software.

The attribution touchpoints available in Bizible are mostly based on website and Salesforce events: for example, website users visiting a tracked landing page or your sales team logging a call with a customer or prospect.

When it comes to tracking organic social media activities, Oktopost can enhance Bizible attribution and allow you to see if the buyer’s journey started on social.

Tracking Social Visits to 3rd Party Websites

Curated content typically accounts for up to half of the links shared by B2B companies on social media. Oftentimes, a person will click on one of these links to read the article where your brand was mentioned and perhaps, days later, google your company name, find your website and finally convert.

If you’re using Bizible alone, this lead will be attributed to Google despite the fact that the initial interaction happened on social.

You can solve this social media attribution challenge with the Oktopost-Salesforce integration by creating a new activity for every conversion from social media:

Source: Salesforce

The activity details will contain information about its source, to which you can later assign this conversion in Bizible’s Activities Attribution.

UTM Tracking at Scale

If you had to create a custom URL with tracking parameters for every single thing you post on social media, you’d probably spend all your time doing it.

However, the ability to add or change URL tags for links that are about to go out or were already shared can help improve your attribution.

Here is our quick fix. Since Oktopost already dynamically adds UTM tags to every link you post on social media, we will automatically populate the query parameters based on the campaign and social network.

You can then set up attribution touchpoints in Bizible to follow your Oktopost URL tagging convention – and track social content without spending any of your valuable time on building links.

Employee Advocacy Attribution

Finally, if you have a social advocacy program in place, tracking content shared by your employees is a whole different ball game.

Let’s say, you want to attribute a new lead to a social advocacy post shared by one of your teammates. To be able to trace this conversion back to its source, you will need to create a unique link for each and every employee and then multiply that by the number of posts you’re asking them to share.

This alone is a lot of manual work and takes unnecessary time away from marketers.

Luckily, Oktopost also allows you to add UTM tags to the links shared by advocates via the platform. Each dynamically populated URL will contain information about the campaign, tags, network, profile, and even the advocate who shared it:

Source: Oktopost

You can map any of these custom query parameters in Bizible and attribute conversions down to a specific employee.

For more information on how Oktopost and Bizible can work together, check our knowledge base or reach out to us directly.

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