38 Telltale Signs That You’re A True Marketer

on December 17, 2014

38 Telltale Signs That You’re A True Marketer

How do you know you’re a marketer? If you just checked Twitter (twice) for brand mentions while reading this post, didn’t sleep well last night because your mind was racing with new blog ideas, and only watch the Super Bowl for the ads, then you’re in good marketing company!

We turned to 38 marketers, ranging from coordinators who are just starting out, to veterans and influencers who have been in the business for decades, and asked them to complete this sentence:


You can probably guess that the responses, which were funny, amusing and surprising, revealed quite a bit about what it feels like to be a marketer in 2014. Check how many of the responses you can relate to, and feel free to add your version to the comments section at the bottom of the post.

Marketers Who Never, Ever, Stop Marketing

Demian Farnworth, Chief Copywriter, Copyblogger Media
” … when you look at everything — and I mean everything (relationships, chess, chickens) — through the lens of positioning. How would I make this thing stand out?”

Viveka von Rosen, CEO, Linked Into Business
“…when you are thinking more about how you would use social media to promote a singer than actually listening to them on The Voice.”

Dr. Susanna Gebauer, Founder, The Social Marketers
“…everyone is a marketer in today’s world, because everyone should be marketing something, at least him-/herself. Everyone who ever tried finding a job knows that.”

Bonnie Massa, President, Massa & Company
“…you have a Call-To-Action in your personal correspondence!”

Roma Hippolite, Managing Director, The Research Broker International
“…when you download all the free social marketing eBooks thinking, ‘I’ll read those later to become a really good social marketer.’ And never do…”

Ashley Smith, Communications & Content Manager, Infonetica
“…you don’t snigger when someone describes a piece of paper as ‘collateral’.”

Wade O’Talliir, Online Entrepreneur, 6CIMA
“… when your partner spends $50 on a pair of shoes, and all you can think about is how many back-links you could have bought for that $50.”

Savina Angel, High-Tech Communications Program Manager
“…when you catch yourself saying for the millionth time, ‘If you do something and you don’t tell anyone about it, you didn’t do it.’”

Marketers Who Can’t Help But Over-Analyze

Ian Anderson Gray, Social Media Consultant & Web Developer, iag.ME Seriously Social
“…you start analyzing every billboard and TV advert or marketing promotion you come across!”

Lucy Goody, National Marketing & Events Coordinator, Drake New Zealand
“…when you spend your free time ‘analyzing’ other marketing campaigns and discuss how you would have done it (in your head with no one else around…).”

Jennifer Larsen Morrow, Marketing Visionary, Creative Company
“When you find typos in menus, books, signs and ads all the time, and then you see an ad and think, ‘What was the point? Who were they trying to reach?’”

Toni Giblino, Head of Marketing, Zerogrphic Systems
“…when you’re chasing sales for feedback from a web inquiry that came in less than 30 min ago.”

Chelsey Graham, Senior Account Executive, Roberts Communications
“…you haven’t read a book in over a year because you are too busy analyzing digital content to see what’s being shared and by whom.”

Peter Altschuler, Chief Creative Officer, Wordsworth & Company
“…you realize your target customer is actually a dozen separate individuals who all expect (and want) different things, and, somewhere between being Spinderella and Spinocchio, you know how to provide them.”

Michael Forbus, Author, Avid Autism Advocates
“…you’re at the doctor’s office, and you think you’ve found a fortune when the magazine collection is filled with information that’s related to your marketing plan.”

Mario Rodrigo Demetriou, Senior Rotational Podiatrist, Barnet, Enfield, Haringey NHS Trust
“…when it’s nearly midnight, and you’re still doing marketing research you started 6 hours ago!”

Danica Jones, Marketing Manager, ConsumerAffairs.com
“…when you subscribe to random brands’ email marketing just to see what they’re doing.”

Marketers Who Spend A Bit Too Much Time on Social Media…

Jorge M. Mercado, Senior Marketing Advisor, Unique Branding Marketing & Communications
“…you spend a lot of time on Facebook, and can honestly say that you’re actually working!”

Afif Azman, General Manager, Kumpulan Media Karangkraf
“…when your boss tweets you to come join a meeting.”

Mark Albin, Chief Marketing Officer, Targetmark: Marketing Solutions
“….you wake up in the morning and every conversation you have, Tweet you scan, and news item you see triggers an idea of how you can connect with your target audience and influence their decision-making process.

Eric Feldman, Product Marketing Professional
“…when you plan your tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts a week in advance to align them with your editorial calendar.”

Erin Scharler, Commercial Sports Ambassador, 160/90 Marketing Agency
“…when your morning routine includes updating three social media accounts before even hopping in the shower!”

Sarah Holstein, Account Coordinator, Marketing Matters Inbound
“…when the first thing you do in the morning is getting on Twitter, not to catch up but to check your Twitter advertising stats.”

Val Feore, Communications Media Specialist, ICI Homes
“…you have a scrapbook (yes, you read that right!) of awesome marketing and social campaigns you’ve seen over the years. Also, you’re always equipped with the perfect hashtag!”

Marketers Who Want to Optimize Everything in Sight

John Jantsch, Founder, Duct Tape Marketing
“…you can’t help but rearrange items in stores where you shop to create better visual appeal.”

Soraya Ali, President, “Octagon Marketing Group”
“…when you can’t take off your editing hat. Not in your sleep, not on vacation, never!

Sabrina Blanchi, Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Predictable Revenue
“… when you can’t visit a brand’s Facebook Page or website without mentally listing everything they should change on it.”

Karen Scates, Marketing and PR Manager, DemandSphere
“..when you’re shopping online and you think about how the site you’re on should be better optimized for mobile.”

Kristin Peregoy, Marketing Manager, New Tech Machinery
“…when you go into a store or business (not even in your industry), and start remapping the displays out in your head because you’ve convinced your way would help sell so much more.”

Marketers Who Really, Really, Like Watching Commercials

Mark W. Schaefer, Marketing Consultant, {grow}
“…when you actually watch the ads.”

Ali Rauch, Director of Marketing, “Chicken Salad Chick”
“…when commercials and campaigns don’t affect you as a consumer, and instead you’re always analyzing and thinking “good idea” or “clever” or “that was really bad.”

Jim Murray, Creative Director, “Onwords & Upwords”
“…you see a terrible commercial on TV and say to yourself, ‘There they go targeting idiots again.’”

Anna Rushing, Director of Marketing, “Integration Point”
“…you spend your downtime reading industry magazines, and when you are not thinking about work, come up with the best marketing campaign/slogan/ad!”

Julie Caardoza, Marketing Activation Manager, “Jamba Juice”
“…when you only pay attention to the Super Bowl commercials and not the actual game!”

Marketers Who Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Next Blog Post

Jodi Saari, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Cassidy Turley
“…when the first thought in your mind when hearing any good news in the office is, ‘We could do a release on that!’”

Uyen Nguyen, Marketing Specialist, Beachhead Marketing
“…when you watch a random movie and all you can think about is writing a blog post titled: “5 Things This Movie Teaches Me About [whatever you’re promoting].”

Ed Personius, Business Development, Phase 3 Digital
“…you check your campaign stats more than once a day, smugly mentally critique other campaigns or ads you don’t like, and secretly figure out ways to steal ideas from campaigns or ads you do like.”

Chip McCraw, Marketing Communications Professional
“…you mentally turn every customer question into a potential blog post.”

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