The Art of Surveys: How to Create Content that Stands Out and Performs

The Art of Surveys: How to Create Content that Stands Out and Performs

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Episode Summary

In today’s highly competitive content landscape, marketers are faced with the challenge of not only creating content that stands out but performs.

There is a solution– one that educates your audience, sets you apart from the competition, and positions you in the market as a thought leader. Joining the Radically Transparent podcast to unpack the ins and outs of surveys is the expert himself, Ramel Levin, Chief Survey Master at Global Surveyz.

Especially today, everyone is trying to be unique, and Ken believes that you have to do content differently! He reveals exactly how to find the content sweet spot by focusing on the content that’s high-performance and hard to create, like surveys, podcasts, and videos. Unlike content that is high-performance and easy to create because the majority are already doing it!

As a senior marketing executive for over 20 years, Ramel shares his best-kept secrets of content marketing and creating strong surveys. He explains when and why you should launch a survey, the necessity of always including red herring questions, and the importance of starting with the end. He even shares how to know if it’s the right time to publish a survey and his rollout process that has allowed him never need to “kill” a survey.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • The best-kept secrets of creating strong surveys
  • How to find the “content sweet spot” and create content that stands out
  • Why, when launching a survey, you shouldn’t start with the question but rather the story you’d like to tell

Meet Ramel

Bringing a unique mix of art & science, Ramel is a software engineer, who went on to learn psychology and kept mixing creativity and analytical skills as VP of Marketing in Israel’s top B2B marketing companies, including Papaya Global, Clicktale, CloudEndure, and other companies.

Today, Ramel is the Chief Survey Master of Global Surveyz, a global research company, providing customers with a survey report as-a-service offering that covers the whole process of creating an insightful and impactful B2B or B2C report for any target market.

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