How to Track Conversions from Social Media

How to Track Conversions from Social Media

For B2B marketers looking to prove the credibility of their work, the most important metrics are the ones that show a real impact on revenue. Your marketing automation and social media teams each have certain KPIs in order to prove the ROI of their marketing initiatives.

Unfortunately, there can be a great deal of overlap when it comes to tracking lead sources, especially where social media is concerned. Over half (52%) of B2B marketers still find it difficult to prove social media ROI.

What makes social media tracking so difficult is the fact that brand awareness is such a large benefit of the medium. Unfortunately, this brand awareness is usually difficult to track.

Lead Journy

Lead’s Social Journey

If a prospect first hears about a company through a Tweet, and then Googles the company and fills out one of their web forms, that form is considered the lead source.

For a more accurate picture of where your leads and your ROI is coming from, integrate your marketing automation and social media platforms. With social lead capture your social media tool can track conversions from the prospects initial ‘click’. Then, when the prospect eventually fills out a contact form through your marketing automation platform, that lead can be marked as a social media lead.

In order to effectively track conversions from social media, your marketing team needs a social media management platform that can properly capture social lead data.  While sharing that data with their other marketing tools to create a complete picture, or ‘Lead Journey’.

Understanding the true lead source of your potential customers is vital to not only measuring the ROI of your specific marketing mediums, but also for informing the strategy of each channel. While leads that don’t have a lead source are a missed opportunity, leads that have the wrong source attributed to them can skew your reports and lead to poorly informed decision making for your business.

How do you ensure your lead sources are properly tracked? Let us know in the comments!

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