Will the New 10,000 Character Twitter Limit Affect Employee Engagement?

on February 24, 2016

Will the New 10,000 Character Twitter Limit Affect Employee Engagement?

With Twitter considering a 10,000-character limit on tweets, engagement between companies and customers might change. The social platform is known for its 140-character, instant updates that allow its 270+ million users to absorb news within seconds. But with the character limit of a tweet possibly about to expand a length that’s certainly more than bite-size, companies’ Twitter strategies will need to be updated, especially their employee advocacy program strategies.

An employee advocate is two times more trusted than a CEO, and it is important to make sure your advocates understand the 10,000-character limit, and may affect employee engagement levels and posting needs. With an expanded character allowance, your organization will no longer be limited in the words it can say, and can even post blog-like articles on the site. Longer Tweets will keep users on Twitter, rather than going off to another page.

However, employee advocates should be warned that only a limited number of characters will still appear on a tweet and the reader will have to press a “view more” button. With only 10 seconds to grab the attention of your viewers, it is imperative to make your first few words as engaging as possible – just as you do now with 140-character tweets. Those few words will determine if the reader will in fact “view more.” Eighty percent of Twitter users tweet and view on mobile devices, so the “view more” function will make expanding the tweets in the same app easier.

It has been reported that the half-life of a tweet is a mere 4 minutes long and employee advocates may not see the value in posting long posts for a low-engagement level. Rather than focusing on writing an essay, it still will be important to share visually-appealing images, stick with shorter text, and redirect to your website, blog, event page, or other assets. A Tweet that includes an image increases engagement by a staggering 581%.

On the positive side, employee advocates may find that writing tweets are now easier. Rather than trying to reduce the text down by using shorthand symbols such as “&” and eliminating spaces, Tweets will now appear more professional and well-written. Poor grammar may disappear, which means you will need strong writers to represent your brand.

Leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads. If tweets are about to get a lot bigger, be sure that your employee advocates understand the new character limit and are comfortable with how their own posts may need to be updated to stay modern.

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