Maximize Your Productivity with the Updated Approvals

Maximize Your Productivity with the Updated Approvals

A year ago, we introduced approval workflows that enable Oktopost users to set up a process for collaborating on and reviewing social content before it goes out.

We’re happy so many of you are making use of this feature – we’ve listened to your feedback along the way and just released several updates that will help streamline your approval process even further. Here is what has changed.

What’s New

If you approve content without a workflow, the change is especially significant. We updated the Approvals tab with a new interface that was previously available only with workflows: you can now leave notes for contributors and access revision history – all from the same screen.

Other improvements affect approval both with and without a workflow. You’ll see full media attachments, contributor names, campaign names and targeting settings, without having to click on each post.

The action buttons are also accessible directly from the main page, and we standardized our approval status icons across the platform:

We’ve added bulk Approve, Reject and Delete to help you quickly manage content in your workflow. You’ll also have an option to send multiple messages to approval from within the Message tab inside your campaigns.

Finally, contributors can now take ownership of their content and retrieve a post from approval at any time if they want to edit it.

Smarter Expiration

We also have good news for those of you who use approval workflows.

Instead of expiring an unapproved post immediately after its publishing time, we’re giving you an extra hour to approve it. Otherwise, the post will be reverted to a draft in 24 hours, and a contributor can reschedule it from the Calendar.

We built it that way to enable users to quickly approve expired posts and simplify real-time collaboration.

Improved Notifications

We’ve also updated our notifications to add extra visibility for approvers and contributors alike. Every step of the way we’ll send clear notifications explaining what’s going on with your content and what actions are required from both sides.

We really hope these updates will speed up your work and make it a little easier. As always, don’t hesitate to share your feedback.

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