Using Animated GIFs on Twitter

on September 21, 2015

Using Animated GIFs on Twitter

B2B marketers spend valuable time on creating Tweets to engage their followers and acquire leads, yet they can experience a low response level. It has been reported that the half-life of a tweet is less than 3 hours long. With only a few hours to reach half the total clicks you will ever receive for a single Tweet, it is crucial to make sure your Tweet is as engaging as possible.

While timing and content play an important role, images and animated GIFs can be used to stand out to receive more views and retweets, extending the life and reach of a Tweet. A Tweet that includes an image has a staggering 581% increased engagement. Images and GIFs are a fun and simple way for a brand to show personality and emotion, allowing the B2B brand to have a human connection rather than just 140 characters.

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As Twitter has recently allowed GIFs to autoplay on the feed, they can be an easy way for your Tweet to gain more reach. GIFs require no sound and continuous loop to create a visually-stimulating experience. With 80% of Twitter users using mobile, usually, their sound is turned off, giving GIFs an advantage over videos.

Using GIFs in your posts can be simple and is something, as a B2B marketer, you should be doing. Here are some guidelines to see the most success:

B2B marketers should be testing images and GIFs on twitter feeds. By using trackable URLs, you can find out what works for your brand, easily.

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