The When, Where, How and Why of the B2B Podcast

on December 8, 2015

The When, Where, How and Why of the B2B Podcast

Don’t call it a comeback. Podcasting has been around for years (decades, in fact) but the practice has recently made a huge resurgence thanks to B2B marketers and their respective audiences.

Why? Well, because podcasts – unlike every other form of B2B content marketing – allows for passive consumption. In other words, people can consume a podcast and send an email at the same time. They can listen to a podcast and go for a jog or commute to work. Try doing that with a whitepaper or blog post (actually, don’t).

Indeed, podcasts are the perfect medium for B2B marketers to capture and retain the attention of an audience with an increasingly limited attention span. So if this is an approach you’d like to adopt, here are a few important things to know:

With the explosion of written and visual content over the last few years, podcasts fell to the wayside. But with the right approach and the right content – delivered effectively to your B2B audience – it appears as though their comeback is complete.

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