5 Things You Should Know Before Working at Oktopost
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5 Things You Should Know Before Working at Oktopost

You’re thinking about making a career change, joining a new team, or getting your first real job out of college, and you’re looking at different types of organizations. Should you go corporate? Big company? Small company? Something in-between? What about an awesome start-up?

Working for a start-up, like Oktopost, is attractive— the excitement and opportunity are limitless, but what’s it really like to work here?

Memorize these five working-for-Oktopost mantras to give you a pretty strong indicator of the type of organization you are joining:

1. You’ll Need to be Comfortable With Short Work Weeks (Really, Really Comfortable)

Long gone are the days of 9-5, five days a week, and unlike seasoned companies that have defined processes and procedures and hundreds of employees conditioned to repeat the same behaviors day after day, Oktopost likes to do things differently.

Once a month, each Oktoposter will have the option to take a mandatory, “My Day” (and no this isn’t docked from your vacation!) This is a gift to you to get away from the office and do something you love. We take the art of work/life balance very seriously—and showing you can easily roll with a short work week is one way to ensure your success.

2. The Company Giveth (But Doesn’t Taketh Away)

You may have never imagined a day in which you see all of your colleagues, no matter their job title, having access to their very own company credit card. At Oktopost, besides being a team player, diving right in, rolling up your sleeves, and getting your hands dirty, you will also be entrusted with your very own Oktopost company credit card.

Oktoposters are able to use the funds to make their work-life better. Expenses can be used to cover gym memberships, home office equipment, internet, lunch, dinner, coffee, snacks, and charity!

The way we see it, Oktoposters are our number one asset. When they are well taken care of, our community thrives.

3. If You’re Not at Your Best, We’ve Failed

Burnout is real. Adjusting to remote work, not being able to see loved ones in-person, too many Zoom calls and constantly reading beyond depressing headlines in the news have certainly taken their toll on all of us.

While we’ve done a ton to help Oktoposters manage stress and burnout over the last year, we also recognize that to keep Oktoposters at their best, this must be an ongoing part of the Oktopost DNA.

That is why we’ve introduced ongoing physical fitness programs (yoga, Pilates, you name it, we’ll add it!), flexible vacation policies (you can never have too many vacation days!), and a month-long sabbatical to avoid burnout at all costs.

Oktoposters are our most important asset. If you’re not at your best, like we’ve said, we’ve failed.

4. It’s Your Responsibility to Reach New Heights

Whether you’ve been with Oktopost for one day, one year, or eight, are an intern or Vice President, your growth—be it personally or professionally is important to us. While it’s your responsibility to learn as much as you can about your profession, we want to help along the way!

While learning from our veterans is invaluable, we also recognize conversations with a performance coach—an external third party—can help guide and grow Oktoposters to reach new heights.

That is why Oktoposters can schedule with a top-notch performance coach at any time, all expenses paid. Sessions, naturally, are discrete and what is discussed in those meetings, stays in those meetings.

In addition, we want all Oktoposters to have equal opportunity and access to the tools they need to succeed in their job and in life. If you want additional training or education, simply speak to Oktopost HR—because they’ll always find a way to make it happen!

5. It’s 100% mandatory for all Oktoposters to be awesome

You should be noticing an overarching theme: Working for Oktopost will require you to be authentically you and bring your absolute best self to work each day.

But don’t just take this blog at face-value. We decided to poll our colleagues on what they loved about their jobs at Oktopost.


Here’s what they had to say:

Jen Gutman, Director of Social Strategy & Enablement:

I love working at Oktopost because I am a social creature, and it doesn’t matter who I am speaking with—from executive leadership or board members to colleagues or different departments, Oktoposters—as diverse as we all are from all over the world—are a phenomenal bunch to work with.

I’m consistently engaging in meaningful conversations with my colleagues that help me relieve stress, make me laugh out loud, and help me feel super supported in all that I do—both at work and in life. The moment a conversation begins with a colleague, there is an instant sense of belonging. And it is my Oktopost army who gives me the confidence to take calculated risks, try new things, and bring my best and most authentic self to work each day. Once you are an Oktoposter, you are an Oktoposter for life—and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Suzanne Barton, Director of Demand Generation:

“I love hearing about the real life difference we make to marketers just like us—hitting the numbers is what keeps me up at night—and it’s awesome that our platform helps marketers get a good night’s sleep by delivering measurable impact and actionable insights, and perhaps more importantly, that they genuinely enjoy working with us.”

Natalie Binns, VP of Marketing:

“I love how collaborative the team is, and how open and positive people are to help the company evolve and grow.”

Colin Day, Managing Director, EMEA:

“Joining Oktopost was my Victor Kiam moment, I liked the product so much, I couldn’t afford to buy the company, so I joined it.
Prior to joining Oktopost in March 2020, I worked for one of the largest FinTech provides, as their CTO of Corporate Marketing. It is where I first came across Oktopost, and integrated the platform into the company’s sales and marketing technology stack, 6 years ago.

Data is the lifeblood of any modern day sales and marketing function. The social engagement data received from Oktopost helped us inform and influence our social selling, brand awareness, and social media marketing strategies, We were striving to be data led.

Now living on the other side of the fence, it’s amazing to see how the platform isn’t just doing that for one company, but for thousands.

I truly believe we have something unique.”

Olivia Messina, Social Media and Community Manager:

“There are so many beautiful reasons why I love working at Oktopost. Every day when I sit down to work I feel supported and empowered. I work with a team that is highly collaborative and always pushing me to grow, learn, and achieve great things. The support and willingness to help is simply unmatched!”

Whitney Blankenship, Senior Content Marketing Manager:

“It’s genuinely remarkable to enjoy every conversation I’ve had with my colleagues so far. I feel like I want to keep talking to and getting to know every person I’ve met. We have an incredible team, and a fantastic product. It makes it easy to believe in both.”

Grant Klein, Customer Success Manager:

“Working at Oktopost, you get the opportunity to make a true impact in the B2B space. There are so many other reasons I could list as to why Oktopost is such a great place to work at, but the tip of the iceberg lays within the company culture.

Every single member of the team is unique and always willing to help one another, regardless of our roles/departments. This empathy doesn’t stop in the workplace, but also extends into our personal growth. The collaboration and support here is truly unmatched!”

Justin Sykes, Enterprise Account Executive:

“From a sales perspective, being able to have a conversation around a product that is tangibly different from your competitors, and that difference has legitimate impact on the bottom line is a truly a gift. That’s my favorite part about working at Oktopost.”

Yara Malalane, Customer Service Manager:

“There are many reasons why I love working at Oktopost. It is an honour to work with such a unique product that makes a quantifiable difference to my customers and their day-to-day processes in the B2B space. However, wider from this, it is the collaborative spirit of all Oktoposters who are ready to support you as part of the journey here at Oktopost.”

Marcus Valente, Enterprise Account Executive:

“I love that everyone at Oktopost is pulling in the same direction, Sales, CS, Marketing, Product, you name it; everyone is pushing for a common goal and I believe that this flows through into our conversations with prospects and enables the AE team to really believe in what we are selling.

On a plus side, it is an amazing product and whenever someone asks me what I sell, they all say how amazing it sounds!”

Neill Murphy, Enterprise Account Executive:

“Having worked in SaaS sales for over 12 years, it’s the first time I’ve been at a business that:

  • Has sales and marketing aligned to the same common goal
  • Inspired leadership that demonstrate empathy, inspiration and work ethic by the same measure on a daily basis.
  • Has a vision that will, no matter what, be achieved.
  • Not to mention the culture build from the ground up.

Summary: Being part of something that you believe in, and being part of a team that believes in you.”

Working at Oktopost is more than a job—it’s the opportunity to work with a truly incredible team of the absolute best. It’s the chance to focus on how you can improve in your field all while working towards a project that empowers B2B companies. Oktopost—right down to each and every team member, is as invested in your growth and well-being as it is in the company’s growth as a whole.

Ready to join an exciting team? Check out our careers page!

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