Boost Team Collaboration with New Notes Options
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Boost Team Collaboration with New Notes Options

In the fast-paced world of B2B social media management, efficient collaboration and smooth workflow processes are key to creating compelling and on-brand content that resonates with your target audience. This is especially true for larger marketing teams where there may be several people responsible for contributing to the creation of stop-the-feed social content. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to share Oktopost’s new Notes options, conveniently located directly on the Social Media Content Calendar. In the past, to collaborate with team members in Oktopost, you could only add a note to a scheduled or draft post once they had been sent for approval. 

Now, our new Notes options enables users to add notes to any post directly from the Social Media Content Calendar to easily collaborate with one another before hitting publish or sending any posts through the approval process.

Pave the way for team collaboration 

Social media managers today need a way to collaborate on posts before sending them for approval, especially in bigger teams where multiple colleagues collaborate to put together different content types for sharing on social media.

For instance, for many social media managers working in large B2B marketing teams, different team members may own the creation of various types of rich media, which may not always be ready to go when post is created.

To make collaboration easier, with Oktopost’s new Notes options, a social media manager can now create a post to share, let’s say on LinkedIn, add the message copy, schedule the post out onto the calendar and then mention their colleague responsible for the image or video to add it to the post. Their teammate then gets a notification where they are alerted to add the content type when ready.

Once the content type is ready, it’s added to the post and the owner of the content type can mention the social media manager again that it is ready for approval, enhancing not only collaboration, but also creating a smoother approval process.

Easily understand why posts are stuck in draft mode

With Notes available right on the Social Media Calendar, you no longer have to wonder why a post may be stuck in draft mode. Easily open the Notes and ask or answer any questions to move the post from draft mode into approvals.

In addition, Notes even makes it easy to mention your colleagues while you create posts if you are waiting for additional assets or have a question about the content. Simply tag your colleague and they will receive a notification about your Note. 

When they respond, you’ll understand quickly what needs to be added or changed, and of course, who to follow up with for each asset directly on the calendar.

Promote full transparency throughout the workflow process

Transparency is key for any successful workflow process to move forward, especially when multiple team members are involved in the content creation process.

With Notes, now everyone involved in social content creation can understand where the current piece of content stands, who owns what and how to efficiently manage all the pieces of the post until it is ready to be published. The workflow process becomes smoother, helping social media managers better manage their content and giving managers full transparency into the social media content creation process. 

By using Notes, B2B brands can boost team collaboration and increase their social media productivity, ultimately creating more engaging social media content. We can’t wait to hear from you on how our new Notes options are helping to improve the way you manage social. Have a question or want to share your feedback? Send us a message!

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