How real brands use social intent data to drive business success
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How real brands use social intent data to drive business success

Understanding social intent data has become crucial for B2B brands looking to leverage their online presence for tangible business outcomes.

With 75% of B2B buyers actively searching on social media for solutions, it’s clear that social media holds valuable insights into your audience – you just need to unlock them. Your key is social intent data, and it’s easier to collect than you think.

The best part is that marketing teams have it at their fingertips already, you just need to understand how to use it.

Social intent data provides insights into how these engagements translate into customer behavior, lead generation, and ultimately, revenue.

Keep reading to learn how real B2B brands use social intent data to fuel their marketing strategies and tie their organic social media to business outcomes.

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What is social intent data?

Social media platforms capture intent data through interactions, engagement, and online conversations. This allows you to capture a real-time glimpse of your audience’s preferences, challenges, needs, and interests.

Social intent data – such as likes, shares, and comments – help you understand customer preferences, predict purchasing behavior, and enhance lead-scoring mechanisms.

It allows companies to identify the most engaged segments of their audience, tailor content effectively, and allocate resources to campaigns that demonstrate real ROI.

How B2B brands are using social intent data with Oktopost

So, how are companies turning these insights into action? Let’s delve into the stories of Finastra and Kainos, two companies that have successfully harnessed the power of social intent data.


Finastra, a global financial software provider, used social intent data to:

  • Integrate social metrics into lead scoring: They added social engagement metrics into their lead scoring to see how online interactions affect potential leads.
  • Gather detailed social analytics: Oktopost provided Finastra with crucial insights into the effectiveness of their social media content and advocacy programs.
  • Measure their employee advocacy strategy: Social intent data helped them understand which advocacy content had the best results, helping them create more top-performing content. This led to an 800% increase in advocacy engagement and a 600% increase in advocacy reach.

These insights from social intent data helped Finastra understand how social interactions contribute to business outcomes, refining their marketing strategies.


Kainos, a global IT provider, wanted to connect the dots between social interactions and business outcomes, especially during their international events.

With two large partner conferences coming up that saw 15,000+ attendees, they knew it was an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their audience’s interests.

So, the marketing team at Kainos used social intent data to understand customer and prospect engagement at the conferences.

Social intent data helped them to:

  • Make informed decisions and optimized live event strategies based on actionable data insights
  • Tie organic social media efforts into engagements and opportunities at the conferences
  • Streamline on-the-go content creation at both conferences

They also included first-party intent data in their lead-scoring system, helping them identify and prioritize promising leads for their sales team.

“Streamlining our martech stack with Oktopost and Marketo has closed the knowledge and insights gap in our organic social efforts. The social engagement data we get from Oktopost not only enables us to track, report, and prioritize leads for our sales teams but also provides our sales partners with holistic lead generation insights.”
Charlie Oakham, Digital Strategy Director at Kainos

This case demonstrates how integrating social insights can transform your B2B marketing and sales alignment.


TytoCare, a healthcare technology company, uses social intent data to enhance their marketing strategies and help their sales team close more deals.

On a recent panel, Joanna Braunold, the Director of Content Marketing and Communications at TytoCare, joined us to share how social intent data is helping enhance the impact of their ABX programs.

TytoCare is also using social intent data to empower their sales teams.

By delivering social intent data straight to their sales team, they can see what their prospects are engaging with online, helping them to strike up relevant, meaningful conversations that provide value. This has enabled the team to boost their closed-won rates, demonstrating social media’s impact on business outcomes.

Learn more about how TytoCare uses social intent data with Oktopost in this podcast with Joanna.

Fuel business success with social intent data

As we look ahead, it’s clear that social intent data media will continue to play a key role in driving business outcomes.

The experiences of Finastra, Kainos, and TytoCare, provide powerful blueprints for other businesses aiming to leverage social intent data effectively.

By aligning social media strategies with comprehensive analysis tools and best practices, companies can transform their social engagements into significant business successes, ensuring that every interaction moves them closer to their strategic goals.

Learn more about how you can leverage social intent data with Oktopost today.

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