Claire Kennedy on Finding Your Brand’s Social Voice

Claire Kennedy on Finding Your Brand’s Social Voice

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Meet Forrester’s Social Media & Advocacy Manager

Claire Kennedy

Warm, passionate, and a little salty. Claire manages Forrester’s organic social media presence and built and currently runs the employee advocacy program.

She is also a founding member of Forrester’s Diversity & Inclusion Council and an advocate for mental health, anti-hustle culture, LGBTQ+, and DEI.

On the side, Claire teaches social selling and personal branding. Her goal is to teach everyone that who they are is important and their personal brand matters. You can find out more about her here.

Episode Summary

How many times have you watched your brand engagements across social dip without any explanation as to why? What happens when what always increased engagement fails? How on Earth do you navigate THAT conversation with your stakeholders and what kind of plan do you put in place?

On this episode of the Radically Transparent podcast, brought to you by Oktopost, Claire Kennedy, Forrester’s Social Media and Advocacy Manager, reveals what it’s like to manage a brand’s online presence, produce great content and what to do when your social voice is failing to resonate with your audience.

With a true passion in connecting people to brands and finding news ways to interact, engage and advertise, Claire opens up about being the alignment bridge between marketing and sales.

She discloses the challenges of finding a brand’s social voice, how she battled with decreasing engagements and what she did to overcome a plummeting engagement rate.

Claire is the brand therapist you didn’t know you needed and this episode will have you re-thinking a successful approach to social in no-time!

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