Leveraging Social Data for Better Engagement
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Leveraging Social Data for Better Engagement

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Episode Summary

It has been famously said that no lead should ever be left behind.

With less than 25% of leads being sales-ready when they first come in, the question remains: how can we, as marketers, actually know when it’s time for a sales executive to contact them?

In this episode of Radically Transparent, Oktopost veteran and host, Jennifer Gutman, takes on a solo episode to explore the power of social engagement data and how marketers can gain a 360-degree view of their customers using social engagement data.

Hot topics of this episode include:

  • How to leverage social data for better engagement
  • Why integrating social engagement data into your marketing automation platform is a complete game-changer that will earn you a permanent seat at the strategy table
  • How to achieve true attribution using social engagements to improve lead scoring, nurturing, and overall attribution

With customers continuing to adopt new levels of self-sufficiency and proactivity that no longer align with the conventional sales model, marketers need a new playbook.

This episode will help the modern-day digital marketer navigate the muddy waters of the buyer journey and call out where social engagement can play a critical role in increasing engagement.

Additional Resources

In this episode, host Jennifer Gutman mentions additional resources to enrich your lead scoring, nurturing, attribution, and segmentation with social engagement data inside of the following marketing automation platforms: Marketo, Hubspot, & Eloqua.


The Definitive Guide to Social Engagement Data Inside of Marketo


The Definitive Guide to Social Engagement Data Inside of Hubspot


The Definitive Guide to Social Engagement Data Inside of Eloqua

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Gutman passionately believes that social media is the anchor of any successful B2B marketing strategy and is currently serving as the Director of Customer Marketing at Oktopost.

She joined the company in 2014 when the team was 5 people strong and has since been transforming the way B2B organizations manage and measure social media.

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