Marketing Automation Is Incomplete Without a Social Media Management Platform. This is Why:

Marketing Automation Is Incomplete Without a Social Media Management Platform. This is Why:

As a B2B marketer you need to achieve efficiency in everything you do. This is what a marketing automation platform does best. It gives you complete control over complex activities such as managing multiple cross-channel campaigns, personalizing content, qualifying leads, identifying prospects, and much more. As a result, all of your information from different tools can be synchronized into one platform.

With social media becoming an inseparable piece of the B2B marketing strategy, more marketing automation platforms, such as Marketo and Pardot, are trying to incorporate it into their softwares.

However, none of these platforms provide the complete social experience necessary for refining the funnel at its every stage.

A Complete (Not Partial) Marketing Strategy

Although their built-in tools provide scheduling, capabilities, MAP’s lack in-depth analytics and the ability to track leads from social media. Not to mention that none of these platforms are able to establish the ROI of social media – something that is invaluable for proving and growing the worth of your efforts.

For social media to be taken seriously, it needs to be managed and measured seriously. Using a B2B social media management platform like Oktopost, that integrates with most MAP’s, marketers gain a cohesive view of their strategy along with the ability to zoom-in on each campaign and optimize it for maximum ROI.

More Data More Power

Once you have attributed lead to social media, what do you do with all of this data at hand?

According to the Forrester Report, most B2B marketers are not merging their data across channels, tools, and platforms.

By connecting your marketing automation platform to Oktopost, your social lead data will no longer be siloed. It will be synced automatically without any manual input.

From social media, to your website, you’ll be able to create a single view of your prospects journey and their multiple interactions. Thereafter, you can leverage this data through smarter lead scoring and nurturing programs. And if you’re a growing company, this is an especially important advantage to have on your side!

Segment, Score and Nurture Leads Based on Their Social Activity

As a marketer, don’t you want to make an impact?

Social media is most valuable when used in conjunction with your marketing automation platform. When the two work together, you are able to take your social media initiatives and back them up with personalized and scalable experiences.

These experiences are known as your lead nurturing programs.

You can easily segment leads into specific smart-lists, provide them with unique landing pages, call-to-actions and content, as well as measure the effectiveness of specific campaigns. As a result, you can ultimately convert more social leads into loyal customers.

Since everything is trackable, you can continuously measure and optimize how your social campaigns and networks impact the funnel and revenue.

Are you Ready to Supercharge your Marketing Automation?

Social media is a serious business. Don’t simply rely on the social media components offered by your existing marketing automation platform. What you need is a comprehensive social media management platform that improves your investment in marketing automation, giving you a full grasp of your marketing processes. This way, you’ll be trigger smarter lead scoring and nurturing campaigns, driving sales down the pipeline.

Simplify your social publishing activities

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