How to Coach Marketing Teams to Measure Success
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How to Coach Marketing Teams to Measure Success

Perhaps the biggest gain any marketing team can receive is learning how to measure success. In today’s data driven world, B2B businesses need to rely on numbers more than ever before.

But can numbers alone predict success?

On this podcast episodeStuff You Should Know About Our Changed New World, Amy Kenigsberg, co-founder of K2 Global Communications, a boutique inbound & content marketing, social media, and public relations firm, sits down with Oktopost’s Colin Day, Managing Director of EMEA to uncover how she helps her clients understand their audiences in order to relate to them and ultimately impact their bottom line.

This discussion is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to coach their marketing teams to measure success!

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Listen now:

About Amy Kenigsberg

Nicknamed “the bulldog” by a client when it comes to B2B marketing, Amy Kenigsberg is co-founder and COO of K2 Global Communications. Renowned for her tenacity in reaching target audiences and an intuitive grasp of technology, Amy is the type of genius every marketer wants on their team. We’ll let the episode speak for itself!

Key Takeaways from Amy Kenigsberg:

  • Success is ultimately the bottom line
  • Be a detective about your social data
  • You may have the greatest technology in the world, if nobody has heard of you, what’s the point?
  • Social media is a critical channel because everyone is online
  • It’s become easier to track marketing efforts and measure success
  • A balance needs to be made when measuring the numbers vs. reputation
  • Be a content aggregator, not a content provider on social media
  • Marketing and sales need to work together in a sale cycle
  • Nothing is vanity metrics if it gives you information and translates into action
  • B2B Marketers are niche focused and now able to create more opportunities to reach people in the right way

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