Olivia Messina on Transforming Social Media into Your Best HR Recruiter

Olivia Messina on Transforming Social Media into Your Best HR Recruiter

Host, Olivia Messina takes on a solo episode to discuss building your employer brand on social.

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Episode Summary

Recruiting is looking more and more like marketing today. So how can you harness the power of social to build your employer brand and attract the best talent?

It’s essential that your employer brand be rooted in a positive work culture, and you have the means of communicating those values and experiences to candidates. In this episode, Olivia Messina is breaking down how social media managers can build their employer brand in a meaningful and authentic way.

She believes the key to employer branding is highlighting the people behind your business and sharing their experiences from your employee’s point of view. She also shares how employee advocacy can strengthen your brand’s reputation as an employer, and caps off the show by giving real examples of campaigns and initiatives she’s started here at Oktopost to fuel your inspiration!

Meet Olivia

Olivia Messina is Oktopost’s Social Media and Community Manager. Passionate about humanizing B2B brands, building communities, and developing her personal brand, she manages all social accounts and heads the Oktopost employee advocacy program. She also hosts Oktopost’s B2B social media podcast, Behind the Post. Olivia and her guests break down what goes on behind the perfect posts you see on your feed, and what it takes to spark creativity and generate a highly-engaged audience.

A specialist in video content creation, when she’s not creating content and managing socials, Olivia can be found developing her personal brand, reading, or getting a quick workout in.

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Unleash Your Inner Artist

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One thing’s for sure, you’ll leave every episode with the tools and inspiration you need to nail your next social campaign!

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