Unmasking thought leadership in law enforcement marketing with Lizzi Goldmeier
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Unmasking thought leadership in law enforcement marketing with Lizzi Goldmeier

BriefCam’s Director of Marketing, Lizzi Goldmeier, stops by the Radically Transparent podcast to unravel the successful role thought leadership content plays in marketing effectively to law enforcement.

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Radically Transparent, host Jennifer Gutmann sits down with Lizzi Goldmeier, Director of Marketing at BriefCam, to explore the vital components that power a marketing strategy forward. Lizzi candidly shares that one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle to creating a powerhouse marketing machine is ensuring you have the right people in the right seats. Once that has been established, it becomes easier to drive your strategy forward.

Lizzi also highlights some of the unique challenges and opportunities content marketers face in the law enforcement sector while calling out the powerful role of content as a driving force to connect social engagement to sales.

From employee advocacy to the true meaning of thought leadership, this conversation is packed with ways to ensure your content is distributed properly and you and your team get the creative credit you deserve.

Lizzi’s expertise and honest discussion of content marketing provide valuable lessons for B2B marketers aiming to enhance their content approach and achieve measurable results.

Hot Topics:

  • The importance of a talented marketing team: Lizzi emphasizes the value of surrounding yourself with skilled and creative colleagues, highlighting how this contributes to professional success as a leader and a sound sleep.
  • Connecting social engagement to sales: Without missing a beat, Lizzi takes us through how content, employee advocacy, and thought leadership can bridge the gap between social media interactions and revenue generation in the B2B space.
  • Thought leadership in law enforcement marketing: Discussing the specific strategies and careful messaging required to effectively market to law enforcement, Lizzi unravels how employee advocacy plays a critical role in helping her team build strong relationships.

Tune in now and discover how you can implement these strategies to become a more effective B2B marketer.

Meet Lizzi

Lizzi Goldmeier is the Director of Marketing at BriefCam, the provider of video analytics solutions that enable people, communities, and companies of any size to unlock the value of video surveillance content.

At BriefCam, Lizzi is responsible for driving cross-channel brand, digital, and marcomm strategies. Previously, Lizzi was the Content & Community Manager at Zooz, a global payments platform, and she holds a BA & MA in English Literature from Bar Ilan University.

Throughout her career, she’s participated in thought leadership discourse about security, law enforcement, government, and defense; cross-border commerce and payments; as well as enterprise retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

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