Turn your social audience into leads

Improve demand generation across all social media channels and discover what content drives pipeline growth.

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Social Attribution

Learn more about existing leads

Oktopost automatically matches and syncs social engagement data with existing leads inside your marketing database, so you can analyze how they interact with your social content.

Social Attribution
Demand Generation

Generate net new leads from social

Oktopost helps you identify, track and convert new leads – people who engage with your brand on social media but don’t yet exist in your marketing database.

Social Demand Generation
Customer Experience

Enhance your customer experience with social data

Elevate your customer experience and engage in meaningful conversations with your buyers based on how they interact with your content on social media.

Customer Experience
Account-Based Marketing

Track decision-makers within specific accounts

Monitor social leads associated with your target accounts, measure their engagement and get notifications about their social activities.

Account-Based Marketing

Integrate social data across your marketing stack

Seamlessly integrate your leads’ social engagements with your marketing automation and CRM to maximize social demand generation and leverage more effective scoring, nurturing, and attribution.


Measure how social impact your demand generation

Report on how your leads engage with content across different networks and measure the potential business value of your social presence.

Social Analytics and Reports
Data Protection

Stay in control of your data

Data security and integrity is our top priority, especially when it comes to personal information. To learn more, visit our Security & Data Protection page and GDPR page.

Customer Data Protection
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Enhance your demand generation with social media

Discover how Oktopost can help you accelerate sales-qualified leads and enhance your customer experience.

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