Katie Hurley on the Intersection Between AI, Neuroscience and Technology

Katie Hurley on the Intersection Between AI, Neuroscience and Technology

Replicant’s Senior Director of Marketing, Katie Hurley takes the hot seat.

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Meet Katie Hurley

Katie is Senior Director of Marketing at Replicant, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence company that is changing the way humans and machines communicate, starting with customer service.

Katie is deeply passionate about the intersection between AI, neuroscience, and technology and sees a bright future ahead as these fields continue to evolve and coincide.

Prior to Replicant, Katie helped launch Salesforce’s AI platform, Einstein, where she led product marketing for Salesforce’s suite of deep learning products, overseeing GTM strategy, sales enablement, thought leadership, and customer and event marketing.

Katie is passionate about creating new market categories, scaling thought leadership programs, and customer-centric marketing. In her spare time, Katie advises a neuromodulation company, serves on the board of BUILD, and is an active philanthropic member of Junior League of San Francisco.

Episode Summary

Replicant’s Senior Director of Marketing, Katie Hurley, and Oktopost’s Director of Social Strategy, Jennifer Gutman discuss the intersection between AI and neuroscience, and technology. Together, they explore the future of these fields as they continue to quickly evolve and coincide with how marketers are building phenomenal customer experiences.

As a passionate leader, Katie also talks about her time at Salesforce where she helped launch their AI platform, Einstein, and gets “radically transparent” about how she found herself, albeit accidentally, in the world of AI and marketing after years in finance. She even makes an interesting comparison between the evolution of ATMs and smart learning, which may just change the way you think about leading human-to-machine conversations!

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