Oktopost is Proud to Present: Our New Employee Advocacy App

Oktopost is Proud to Present: Our New Employee Advocacy App

Taking in all of our customers’ great feedback, we’re excited to reveal (drum roll….) our brand new employee advocacy app, which combines the best of two worlds:

For program administrators, the new app offers granular control over the way content is seamlessly shared and displayed to employees, enabling greater employee engagement.

For the employee advocates, the new app provides even more intuitive tools and UI enhancements that make content discovery, customization, and sharing more effortless and rewarding than ever before.

In light of this release, we’d like to give you a deep dive into what’s new:

1. Fresh Look & Feel

Whether you loved or hated our previous employee advocacy app design, it was time to give it a makeover!

Our new employee advocacy app embodies a modern, elegant, and clean-cut interface, reflecting the recent enhancements made to our website.

Faster loading speed coupled with better performance, the new interface also makes for a much more intuitive and effortless experience.

And if you were worried about employees losing momentum, the new advocacy app helps to engage them on a whole new level – introducing fun and exciting elements, such as content popularity, topic customization, and gamification!

2. Enhanced Content Discovery

A typical B2B company has an abundance of content, covering multiple categories and sub-topics. From an advocate’s perspective, having too many options makes it harder to zero in on relevant content, which ultimately decreases morale and app adoption.

With this in mind, our new app introduces two major enhancements to content discovery: 1) discover content by popularity, 2) discover content by topics-of-interests.

Advocates can view content by most-to-least shared as well as see the number of times the post was shared by their peers. These updates not only improve the way advocates interact with each other, they also allow them to take socially-informed decisions when choosing which content to share.

Advocates can now customize their profile by pre-selecting the content topics they care about and deselecting the ones they don’t. All of this is done under ‘My Profile’ and can be changed at any time!

The added value of topic selection is twofold: for advocates, it makes content discovery and sharing much faster and more personal, whilst helping them establish an authentic, expert social voice to build up their thought leadership.

For program admins, it also makes it much easier to navigate employees towards relevant content, and through this, increase program participation and content engagement.

3. Video Upload Support

There’s no doubt that video is one of the most engaging formats on social. According to Social Media Today, 90% of consumers say video influences their buying decisions. It’s also predicted that video will make up 80% of internet traffic by 2019.

So, it’s official! The new advocacy app finally supports video upload, allowing advocates to tap into the rising trend. If you’re a program admin, you can either upload videos directly to the Advocacy Board or include external video links from YouTube.

4. Post-level Analytics

Immersed in a data-driven world, employees are more apt to seek out numbers to help fine-tune strategies and understand their personal impact on the company’s bottom line.

To help you cultivate a more data-driven employee advocacy program, we’ve added Post-Level Analytics where advocates can easily view the performance of every single post, from likes to shares, and all the way down to clicks and conversions.

By putting data at their fingertips, advocates will be able to take a more active role in applying these insights to tweak their content, understand which networks work best, and quantify their contribution. Across the board, we’ve seen that companies that adopt a data-driven approach not only succeed at engaging and retaining advocates but also improve their marketing results.

5. Sophisticated Content Scheduling

Believe it or not, most advocates don’t think too much before scheduling their posts. They commonly hit ‘publish now’ or let the auto-magic button pick a random date. It’s a simple and effortless option.

When designing the new advocacy app, we thought ‘how can we encourage advocates to properly schedule their posts, without spending too much time on it?

Our new advocacy app introduces an enhanced content calendar (or ‘posting schedule’ if you will), which gives advocates a greater sense of control over their posting frequency. With a new layer of visualization, employees can now gain a bird’s eye view of their posting schedule, allowing them to easily edit and plan ahead.

Another interesting change to the calendar is the ‘time zone’ feature. Advocates can now select their timezone (this is a one-time setup done under My Profile), ensuring that all posts are scheduled according to their specific location for greater content visibility.

It’s also important to note that the time zone feature takes a load off admins’ shoulders. Any time admins set an ‘expiration date’ for their posts, advocates won’t be able to schedule their personal posts beyond this expiration date. So you can relax, knowing that no outdated content will get shared!

6. Adding Location to Tweets

Today, it’s all about personalization. Buyers, prospects, and customers want to consume content tailored to their needs, interests and even location! For this precise reason, Twitter allows users to give additional location context to their Tweets by adding location labels such as “SoMa, San Francisco” (see example below).

Twitter location

The new advocacy app now enables employee advocates to Tweet from their specific location.

For instance, if employees are attending an industry conference, they can instantly boost content visibility and traction by geo-tagging their tweets to the unique conference location.

7. Connecting multiple pages & profiles

Employees often have multiple profiles connected to the same network – one may be for professional purposes and another for personal usage.

For example, a real estate agent can expand his social presence to include a professional, relating to his agency, as well as a personal LinkedIn profile, reflecting his freelance work. In this case, each profile would be targeting a completely different audience.

To accommodate for this, Oktopost’s new app allows users to connect multiple profiles and pages to one advocacy board, meaning they can share content through whichever profile they select. Using this functionality, employees can truly expand their social reach and share the right content with the right audience.

New App, Better Experience, More Sharing!

The new advocacy app offers benefits for the advocates and for program admins alike. With enhanced performance, improved UI elements, and an abundance of cool features, we hope that your advocates will enjoy sharing quality content and the brand will see greater results.

Download the iOS app here or for Android here.

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