Show Your Social Media Team How Their Work Impacts Sales
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Show Your Social Media Team How Their Work Impacts Sales

What if your Salesforce and social data could come together to create a 360° view of your customer?

Our Salesforce integration lets you follow your customers on each and every touchpoint they have with your brand on social and pinpoint their intent in real time. Not only does it add your customers’ social engagement data to Salesforce, but it also shows you how this channel impacts your bottom line.

Good stuff. As a marketing leader, you’re going to want to share these insights with people who could help you take action on them – your social media team. And Oktopost has a new tool for that: Influenced Opportunity reporting.

Now you can track how sales opportunities are being influenced by your social content, right from within your Oktopost account.

Oktopost’s Influenced Opportunity Report

Share all important data with your social media people and give them visibility into some of the relevant Salesforce analytics without direct access to your CRM. It will empower your team to understand how their work impacts the company’s bottom line and what they can do to make this impact even bigger.

This update is not only about giving your social team a better toolkit, it’s about a brand-new mindset they can adopt to do their job better: to have sales-focused KPIs of social media success and to be able to attribute some wins to this channel.

Here are just a few samples of what you can build:

A B2B social media manager can get lots of invaluable information from this dashboard.

For example, seeing that opportunity contacts most often engage with your social accounts during the demo stage can inform your strategy: share more middle-of-the-funnel content to get the right information in front of your prospects at the right time.

How to set it up

Just like with any other Social BI dashboard, you’ll be able to set and customize each Influenced Opportunity report with metrics that your team should care about and filter out the rest. We encourage every B2B marketer to report on things that matter to their business instead of using another cookie-cutter analytics tool that will fall short of delivering real value.

Do you have any questions or want to share your feedback on this feature? Let us know!

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