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Oktopost's Commitment to being WFH Compatible

When it comes to Social Media Management software, the Oktopost platform has been designed to be a solution that enables organizations to engage both externally and internally from a WFH environment.

As the only social media management and employee advocacy platform architected for B2B companies, Oktopost enables marketers to improve lead generation and customer experience by:

As part of our on-going effort to stay at the forefront of social media marketing, we understand the importance of building a platform that puts empowerment in the hands of the work-from-home workforce.

WFH Compatible

5 Requirements That Support WFH Compatibility

Oktopost has taken measures to ensure WFH Compatibility and covers the 5 pillars in it’s Brand Safe, Team Safe, Budget Safe approach.

  1. Accessibility to the platform with a basic internet connection
  2. Ability to provide governance and compliance
  3. Built to allow segregation of rights/access to data and functionality
  4. Supportive of in-app messaging/notifications
  5. Designed to visually display when users are online and using the app

Brand Safe

In many marketing teams, there is an approval process. This requires reviewing and editing social media posts and messages before they go out. With Oktopost, you can readily set up one or multi-step approval processes, called workflows. These flows are based on your requirements and designed to help team members collaborate, review and approve social media content with ease - no matter where they are located.

Being remote means you are going to want to enforce compliance with your marketing and communication policies. It also means preventing employees from misusing social media. Oktopost allows you to define specific keywords and phrases that will be banned from using in posts and replies throughout the account.

Oktopost's Roles and Permissions allow you to define your team members' level of access within the platform. Every account user is assigned a specific role where each role has certain functionalities. Only approved users may access the brand’s social media accounts to ensure social media voice and messaging are aligned with brand guidelines.

For tips on building a social media policy for a remote workforce, click here.

Team Safe

To perform at its peak, a workforce needs a defensible platform. Oktopost is 100% web-based, empowering Oktopost Users to work from anywhere at any time without needing to download, install, or update the platform. With an average of over 99.99% uptime, the Oktopost platform is easily accessible from any device that is connected to the internet.

During these times connection is key. Whether sharing content across corporate channels or participating as an employee advocate, by default, Oktopost will send email alerts to employees when certain events happen in your account. This guarantees all team members are updated at the right time and in real-time.

The social inbox will aggregate all inbound social conversations to one place. This gives team members the ability to manage and track responses at scale. Whether answering support or sales related questions or routing conversations to the right representative, Oktopost has you covered. Every action taken in regards to an assigned conversation will be visible on the Audit Trail. Teams are able to see when fellow users are online to ensure conversations go to available team members. Once a conversation is assigned, relevant notifications are sent both through email and in-app notifications to keep everyone informed.

Budget Safe

For businesses interested in achieving long-term financial predictability and stability, an investment in using a B2B social media management platform, like Oktopost, will single-handedly improve your investment in marketing automation.

Oktopost is an ROI positive platform. By connecting marketing automation platforms to Oktopost, your social lead data will no longer be siloed. It will be synced automatically without any manual input and give you the opportunity to create a single 360-degree view of your prospect’s journey and their multiple interactions. Consequently, you can leverage this data through smarter lead scoring and nurturing programs, driving sales down the pipeline.