Measurement: The Secret Sauce for a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

on February 28, 2017

Measurement: The Secret Sauce for a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

Employee advocacy is a hot marketing trend at the moment. Quite simply, if 50% of employees are already sharing company related content across their personal social networks, it seems logical to tap into their set habits and provide then with a platform that makes sharing easier. That being said, turning employees into your company’s advocates is beneficial for multiple reasons. Our latest webinar on ‘Unlocking the Power of Employee Advocacy’ discusses the in’s and out’s of employee advocacy, highlighting the top incentives for implementing a program, such as:

If the thought of investing in an employee advocacy program has reached your mind, then our webinar offers a great starting point for B2B marketers. But if you’re looking to take a strategic approach to building a sustainable program that everyone – the company and employees alike – will benefit from, measurement is key! Choosing the right metrics is going to help you understand the success of your program, identify room for improvement, and demonstrate ROI to the company.

Essentially, the metrics you focus on can be broken into four categories:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Content Engagement
  3. Business Results
  4. Employee Participation

Brand Awareness

Employee advocacy serves as a strategic gage for understanding brand awareness. How? Because employees have the ability to amplify your content’s reach far beyond your company’s official social networks, therefore boosting your brand awareness. Hence, the first metric you should focus on is simple: reach. In other words, the more people your employees ‘reach’, the more eyes you have viewing your content, and ultimately, the more recognizable your company becomes.

Content Engagement

Employees have the power to influence customers and humanize the face of your company, but how do you know which pieces of content are resonating with their target audience? What information do audiences want to receive from your employee advocates? Perhaps some content types like blog posts are more engaging than webinars? Maybe images are shared more often than posts with text only?

To be certain, it’s crucial that the second set of metrics you focus on link content success to engagement. Therefore, you can measure:

Try breaking engagement down by network. In the case of the graph below, Twitter seems to be the most successful network in terms of employee advocacy. This way you know to provide employees with more Tweets to share.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.13.48 PM

Next, zoom in on specific posts that are generating the most engagement. This will give you a deeper insight into what your audience truly care about and allow you to refine your content accordingly. Make sure to take note of the topics and content types that prove to be the most engaging so you can increase their visibility in your mix.

Business Results

In the end of the day, B2B marketers need to generate leads. You should therefore track the number of conversions garnered by posts that employees are sharing. This will help you identify how employees create opportunities for sales.

For a more accurate picture, you can use the metrics we discussed so far (engagement and lead generation) to understand the value of employee advocacy within your entire marketing ecosystem. In other words, take employee advocacy as a marketing channel and compare it to the rest of your marketing initiatives. An example of this could be: comparing the number of conversions generated from employee advocacy to the number of conversions generated by your company’s official social networks.

Employee Participation

Who’s more active in your program? Who’s sharing the most content? Who’s the number one advocate for the month? If you want to create a long-lasting advocacy program that stems from trust and motivation, it can be helpful to let employees view the number of shares and clicks they each generate.

Oktopost’s advocacy leaderboard creates a transparent work culture with room for some friendly competition. Employees can easily open their app and understand their own contribution in the program, while spotting any winners. This naturally incentivizes them to keep sharing anywhere they go, and simultaneously offers the company an opportunity to gamify the program for ultimate success.

Employee advocacy is a powerful B2B marketing strategy that also boosts the health and engagement of your company environment. With the help of Oktopost’s unique advocacy capabilities, companies have an easier time managing a program, amplifying their reach, and most importantly, measuring their results over time.

Learn more about how Oktopost’s built-in social advocacy platform makes it easy to empower your employees with content sharing by seeing it in action!

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