How Selling is a Team Sport and Why Marketing is the MVP

on September 13, 2020

How Selling is a Team Sport and Why Marketing is the MVP

Sales is no longer the driver of everything in an organization. Selling is a team sport and holding MVP status of that team is marketing.

However, quite often there is a big disconnect between sales and marketing. Sales is looked at as king and marketing is often out for debate on how effective it can be.

But here’s the thing, the world has changed.

When it comes to selling, sales needs marketing in new ways they have never needed marketing before.

In this podcast episode of Stuff You Should Know About Our Changed New World, Oktopost‘s Managing Director of EMEA Colin Day, sits down with modern day sales guru and Founder of Modern Sales Training, Derek Shebby to talk about a new normal: a world where selling requires united marketing and sales initiatives to drive the organization forward.

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Listen now:

About Derek Shebby:

Making President’s Club 13 times during his 17 year career at Xerox, Shebby has become YouTube’s most popular sales trainer. As Founder of Modern Sales Training, Derek Shebby, he has helped sales professionals become top sales performers in just 21 days.

With over 15,000 individuals trained around the world in his program, Sales in 21 Days, Derek Shebby joins the show to provide listeners with lessons learned and actionable takeaways from his own career for both sales and marketing professionals, alike!

Key Takeaways From Derek Shebby:


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