Boost Advocacy Adoption with These New Features

Boost Advocacy Adoption with These New Features

It’s been a minute since we updated you about improvements to Oktopost’s Advocacy Board. So here are a couple of good ones!

Board filters

If your employee advocacy board is anything like ours here at Oktopost, you have lots of good content to choose from. As an active advocate myself, I can confirm – finding posts on a specific topic you want to bring up to your audience might take some scrolling.

Our new board filters allow advocates to sort messages on the board by date or popularity and filter them by network or topic, making finding what you’re looking for so much easier. To access filters, click on the funnel icon in the top right corner of your advocacy board.

But don’t mistake it for just a usability feature, filters can actually help boost engagement and adoption of your program. A quick example: sorting by popularity enables advocates to quickly find the most interesting content that their peers already shared – this might help increase their engagement rates and, in return, make them want to come back and share more.

Your Leaderboard score

Another new feature that might help grab the attention of your advocates and improve participation rates is the new Leaderboard​ UI. Now you can see and stack up your score against your peers – even if you haven’t made it to the top 20.

Oktopost’s Leaderboard is a great way to foster friendly competition among your advocates and get them excited about sharing. But what good will it do if you are unable to actually see yourself on the Leaderboard. So we fixed that.

Don’t forget to tell your advocates about these awesome features, and happy sharing!

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