3 Social Advocacy Services Your Marketing Agency Can Provide

3 Social Advocacy Services Your Marketing Agency Can Provide

More and more, companies are realizing the value of social advocacy programs. Content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels. However, employee advocacy can be seen as an internal process and many agencies don’t feel they have opportunities to add it to their service offerings. On the contrary, there are a number of ways that agencies can provide social advocacy services. Here are the three services they can add to their profile:

1. Social Media Training

Social media training is a service that agencies can provide to their clients, supplying both materials and classes to the employees. Social media training can help reduce the risk of employees not following the corporate guidelines, can help the employees understand the programs, and increase effectiveness.  Agencies can create a special branded program for their clients, create training classes or host lunch-and-learns sessions. Offering incentives can also increase the participation of the classes, such as when the employees complete the class, they receive an incentive or certificate.

2. Creating Campaigns to Promote New Advocacy Programs

Agencies can create campaigns for specific advocacy programs to test for their clients. Instead of having a client create the social advocacy portions of a campaign, agencies can assist by making the social programs part of their offerings. Advocacy campaigns will align to the clients overall marketing strategy and help reach the targeted goals of the clients.

Social media management platforms fit for agencies, will have employee advocacy capabilities. Allowing the agency to easily pre-provide approved content for the client’s employees to share.

3. Interpreting Analytics to Provide Your Clients with Insights into Different Segments

Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees, as apposed to the same messages shared via official brand social channels. By being able to interpret the analytics and provide insights for the clients, you can show them which goals are being reached, and which are not performing as well.  Agencies become a valuable service with not only providing data, but interpreting the data to alter the programs and achieve the best results. Segmenting the different employee advocacy programs allows the client to target different audiences with the correct content.

Although employee advocacy is often seen as an internal process, in fact, agencies can add many different services offerings to their overall portfolio.

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