3 Tips That Turn Loyal Customers to Brand Advocates

on December 13, 2015

3 Tips That Turn Loyal Customers to Brand Advocates

Often when you have an experience with a brand or company you love, you feel the need to tell people about it. Sometimes, these experiences seem completely random, but more often than you’d think, they are deliberately designed by the company.

The reason is, marketers understand that in the digital era customer advocacy and loyalty are their top priority. That’s why 46% of US executives said that an increase in brand advocates was one of the most important benefits of social media.

It’s no doubt social media can be a great way to turn your loyal customers into advocates, so how can you go about doing it for your business?

Step #1: Understand who is interacting with you

Who is following your Twitter handle or Facebook page? Rather than solely tracking how many retweets or likes one of your posts has received, it’s important to understand exactly who it is that’s interacting with your social content. Why? Because these people are already familiar with your brand name, enjoy your content and want to interact with your brand. One way to keep track of these potential advocates is by integrating your social media management tool with your CRM to create a more complete picture of all the engagements you have with individual customers.

Step #2: Engage your audience

If someone retweets your article, thank them. If they tweet a question, respond. It’s crucial to interact with your audience in order to really build a relationship with them. Are you not getting any social media love? Then make the first move. Start by interacting with your followers’ content. Ask them questions about a piece they shared. If their content relates to your industry and would intrigue your target audience, share it!

Step #3: Create a Community

Fans enjoy identifying themselves by the brands they follow. In fact, 25% of people choose to engage with brands because they want to join the community of fans. Salesforce does a great job of encouraging and engaging with their B2B community. They have an entire team dedicated to creating content and weaving narratives around client success. To turn your customers into a true community of fans, encourage them to interact with you and each other. Consider hosting a Twitter Chat or Google+ Hangout to promote communication and even organize a Meetup to give them a place to interact and grow.

Building brand advocates is based on a chain of interactions that place the customer first. What tips do you have for converting customers into brand advocates? Let us know in the comments below!

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