Employee Advocacy Checklist: Launching a Program from A-Z

on July 31, 2018

Employee Advocacy Checklist: Launching a Program from A-Z

Tapping into the power of employee advocacy offers tremendous benefits for your B2B brand and employees alike. Cost-effective and ROI-positive, employee advocacy allows the marketing team to amplify the company’s message on social media, increasing brand awareness and generating more sales leads.

Likewise, a strong employee advocacy program benefits employees as well, positioning them as thought leaders, expanding their professional networks, and making them feel more engaged with the brand.

But how do you go about setting up an employee advocacy program? How do you make sure it’s effective in achieving all its initial goals? This is the definitive employee advocacy checklist for B2B marketers – every step you need to take to execute a program strategy, engage employees, and measure success.

Employee Advocacy Checklist - Oktopost

Before Employee Advocacy Program Launch:

Throughout the Employee Advocacy Program:

Now that you have this handy employee advocacy checklist, discover how Oktopost’s employee advocacy platform can give you the tools to launch, measure, and grow a fruitful program!

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