What can Employee Advocacy Programs Learn from a Great Basketball Team

on May 18, 2016

What can Employee Advocacy Programs Learn from a Great Basketball Team

Like the 2014 San Antonia Spurs, a great basketball team has a fast point guard, quick-thinking forwards and an aggressive center. The players’ dynamic creates fluid and graceful plays to put the ball in the basket. Alone, each player would face insurmountable challenges. Together, they build on each other’s strengths to win the game.

Any good social media marketing team is like a successful basketball team. The variety of professionals composing the team each have strengths to contribute to the overall strategy. There are the people focused on analytics, creative content writers who develop posts that perform well and the social media gurus who have the magic touch connecting with customers.

This team is crucial to all social media marketing efforts. What each person brings to the team in terms of knowledge, experience and perspective can be the key to unlocking tremendous campaign and content potential. If your team listens carefully to one another, fosters an open community and encourages each person to capitalize on their assets, you can create an employee advocacy program that builds teamwork and works to the advantage of all social media marketing efforts.

Advocacy Personalities

For a social media advocacy strategy to be fully formed and reach as many prospects as possible, there are certain personalities who should be promoting your company’s content.

Picking Your Players

After you’ve established the types of people you want on your team, you can deploy a social media management platform (like Oktopost) to be the coach. This technology provides all the cues, tools and tricks for uniting all the members under a common goal. The advocacy feature of such a platform is excellent for visually putting the team on the same page and promoting a little competition.

A platform or tool can only guide you to win the advocacy marketing game. It’s up to the players to put in the practice and pull out the game-winning performance when the time comes. Make sure you have all the elements of a championship team with different personalities and an effective marketing automation platform.