5 Tips to Turning Employee Advocates Into Better Storytellers

on December 12, 2016

5 Tips to Turning Employee Advocates Into Better Storytellers

Everyone loves stories. And social media is just the right place where great stories get shared. In fact, employee advocates are some of the best story-tellers within your company. They humanize your brand and have the ability to tell your company’s story on a more personal level. In doing so, they help drive your content forward, amplifying your reach far beyond the company itself.

However, employees don’t have the time nor the patience to think about how to tell better stories. As a marketer, you must empower advocates and provide them with content that customers can connect with.

Here are some tips to help employees tell a better company story:

1) Align Employees with Company Culture and Vision

How well do your employee advocates know your organization? A staggering 61% of employees don’t know their company’s mission statement. From the on-boarding process to group meetings, walk advocates through the company’s goals, decision-making, performance, strategic objectives and more. This will ensure that they have a complete understanding of the organization’s vision. It will also give them a sense of purpose and make them feel valued. With these building blocks in place, employees will craft a better company story.

2) Showcase Employee Stories

A company is only as good as its employees. Use social media to add a personal touch by showcasing employee stories. These can:

Your employees are more likely to identify with such content and enjoy sharing it. At the same time, your audience will get to know your company from a human and personal perspective.

3) Create Visually Captivating Content

Visuals are vital for capturing your audience’s attention and adding color to your stories.
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Some ways to make your content more visually appealing include:

4) Recognize Employees’ Contribution

The importance of recognizing employee advocates and rewarding their top performance cannot be overstated. Participating in advocacy should be something that employees are naturally willing to do. That’s why you should reiterate value among the program, stressing the benefits of advocacy to employees and the company’s bottom-line.

Reminding employees that they matter drives them to share more content and aim for better results. Besides, when employees are genuinely interested in promoting your company’s story, they are perceived as more trustworthy and authentic.

5) Align Internal and External Communications

Internal communications take place within an organization (between employees and departments), while external communications are between a company and its audience from the real world. Both need to engage their respective audience, but sometimes their messages differ.

It’s important to align your brand from inside out, bridging the gap between the thinkers and the doers. For example, when launching a new campaign, first, you need to internally connect your employees advocates to the campaign strategy and goals, ensuring they are invested in promoting its value. Second, you need to provide employee advocates with proper content, presentations, and tools to articulate this message, engage customers and inspire them to take action. The result is a better storyline.

Employees humanize your brand on social media. Getting them to tell better stories is just one of the many tactics for fostering personal connections with prospects and customers. What’s your story going to be? Leave us your thoughts in the section below.

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